Friday, 7 November 2014

Oaklands School 1964-2014

Oaklands school had its 50th Anniversary this year.It opened in 1964.The first principal was Mr. Anderson.For the 50th Anniversary Oaklands school had new gates that had written on them 1964-2014.

There was  a production called Who Cares We Do put on for the was based on Oaklands school in 1964 one charecter was the first caretaker Mr Mcseveny,and the first prinicipal mr Anderson.the production told the story of how they were looking they were looking for the 4 discs if they did not find them would be a curse put on the school for a hundred years.luckily they found 3 discs and the last one was found in someones belt.they sung some very good songs.Joshua in my class sang my way is apathy,he sung very well.

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