Friday, 27 February 2015


Every Friday I do Kapahaka. I am in the learning group.We learn the actions instead of peforming it at festivals like the peforming group.At Kapahaka we do actions to Maori Songs.

Wainui camp 2015

I am looking forward to Wainui camp because we so heaps of activities like coastearing highropes and kayaking and much much more.I am in a bunk room with 3 other people. We go next wenedsday

Multi cultural day

on Monday there was a multicultural day at oaklands school.There Was a shared lunch.We also played Some games from a different culture.We came dressed in our cultural clothes .

Thursday, 19 February 2015


On Tuesday the 17th of February I had my turn at running a Pals game with Jack R and Brooke.

We decided to do a game of Soccer. Jack R and I had whistles to blow if we needed to pick up the ball. About 15 people came to play our game of Soccer. The score was 1-0. We gave everyone who came to play 1 Pozi for playing and more if they made a special effort. I Enjoyed running the game of Pals and look forward to doing it again.