Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Writing Goals

My Puntaction goal is Commas and Contractions.My Main Writing goal is Ideas.

Maths goal

My new math goals is Classify numbers by factors and multiples including primes.

A School Goal

My goal is to speak for at least 2 minutes at the speech competion in our class.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


In SDL we have to complete a maori weather report,our careers board,maths sheets,check our careers writing has no mistakes and do a research assignment on an animal of your choice.

Learning License

i am a independent learner. Everyone started on independent but some moved up to mobile while some people moved down to regulated and even moved down to teacher.Let me tell you a bit about the lisences.


You can learn any where in the school with permission. Only about 7 people have made it too Mobile.


This where everyone started.Can do everything but can only learn in our classroom.About 25 people are here. This is where i am.


 You are told where to sit.Not the best license but not the worst about 9 people here


The worst license to have.You have to be at a desk or near the teacher and can have NOONE sitting near you.About 4 people are here