Thursday, 25 September 2014


There once were two boys who were both 12. There names where Bob and Elvis. They were both adventurous. They decided to visit Satin beach one misty day.

When they arrived there they saw a old wooden cart and a cart track leading out to sea which they had never seen before. Since they were adventurous they decided to go on the cart for a ride. So they hopped in but they could not see in the distance because it was misty.

The cart rolled automatically down the track.

"STOP"Yelled Bob. 

"Why"Asked Elvis.

"Because there is a tiny puppy on the track"Answered Bob.

When they got closer to the puppy they discovered it was crying."

It is crying because it is lost"Elvis told Bob.

They hopped off the cart to help the tiny puppy. Then the puppy rose off the ground.The sky suddenly lit up and thunder and lightning appeared scaring us. Straight away the puppy came down and the thunder and lightning stopped. The thunder and lightning started again. An old bearded wizard appeared in front of them.

"YOU THIEVES"shouted the wizard.

He threw a red fireball at them. The fireball killed Bob and Elvis. The old wizard took his puppy back home to his magical palace underwater.

By Jack

Thursday, 18 September 2014

O.A.K.L.A.N.D.S Acrostic Poem

Ordinary super learners
Amazing work
Kindness is awesome
Learners rock
Amazing to others
Nice to others 
Daily learning
Super learning

By Jack