Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Choose your culture treat it four ways.

Hi,Welcome to my learning blog.This is my blog where i will show all my learning.

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting.
We are able to share cultural identities through the arts.

Step 1. We chose what we wanted to draw (eg.Koru) and planned it.

Step 2. We painted our draft copy with primary,secondary and complementary colours

Step 3. We outlined our drawing  on an A4 piece of paper. Then we put it on one of the four squares and drawed on the other side then we  repeated it 3 more times

Step.4 We then painted our painting with,Black and White with coloured or grey background,complimentary (eg. yellow and purple) Analogous 3 colours next to each other on the colour wheel. monochrome 3 different shades of the same colour (eg. light green,green and dark green)

Step.5 We then outlined our drawing with black vivid and black paint.

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